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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Nothing - Dance On The Blacktop

This is possibly the prettiest record I have heard all year. Nothing have always been a bit outside of the norm, doing their own thing and exploring unique sonic possibilities. They are a band of visionaries playing a unique brand of shoegaze. The depth of their compositions is truly special and it speaks to the sheer potency that this kind of music has. The Relapse records signees have built up a position for themselves that is, quite frankly, fascinating. Nothing are one of a kind and you're going to be just as obsessed with Dance On the Blacktop as I am.

There is something vaguely anthemic about Dance On The Blacktop and the lush soundscapes crafted by Nothing speak to the bands unique ability to fully immerse you into their music. This is not just a mesmerizing listen but a record that takes you to what feels like a higher plane. This is the magic of shoegaze, but also speaks to the impressive abilities of this band. As you spin this record you are listening to a group at the absolute height of their songwriting talent. Not only that but you are hearing a band who seem capable of not just taking on the world, but making all of us sob at the purely beautiful existence of this fucking band.

With the perfect mix of dark and light and a unique artistic vision guiding this wonderfully weird band forward, it's going to be hard for Nothing to top this effort. But I get the sense that they inevitably will. Not only that but their ability to touch on grungy and punky aspects alongside more powerful and poetic ones hints at all this group will be able to achieve going down the line. Despite being a record with a clear direction it maintains an amazing diversity of sounds, and you're not going to help but to fall in love.

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