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Friday, October 12, 2018

Hate Eternal - Upon Desolate Sands

If I want to show someone what death fucking metal sounds like I show them Hate Eternal. they are a band who perfectly encapsulate the genre, regardless of era or styling. They are a powerhouse, a band who seem to keep growing and advancing whilst never giving up on the true fundamental power of this music and what it has come to represent. Balancing squirrelly riffs with a devastating bottom end, their new record Upon Desolate Sands is an absolute monster, kicking ass and taking names from one side of the pit to another.

From the first you find yourself mesmerized with the punishing grooves and thrilling assault of the band. Hate Eternal are not a group to be taken lightly, and instead can be seen reveling in the sheer bloodthirst. The band blends forward thinking songwriting with an allegiance to the tropes of old continuing to forge what is truly their own unique sound. The way that the vocals slot into the riffs is especially interesting to me. They take on a percussive element of their own and are really interesting to spend time with unpacking. There are a lot of layers to the production here making for deep and constantly endearing listening.

This is the sort of wonderfully blasphemous death metal that drew me to the genre a lifetime ago. Hate Eternal have always placed a special focus on songwriting and really locked in their approach with regards to stomping riffs and punishing assaults. The crush of a track like Nothingness of Being is thrilling in its own right and the dynamic guitars provide a subtle sense of dark and light even as the world seems to be collapsing around them. This is finely honed death metal devastation for the masses, true evil for the master plan and I love it.

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