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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Svartidaudi - Revelations of the Red Sword

Svartidaudi are one of the most interesting and potent bands in the world of black metal these days. I remember seeing them play at a cafe in Paris years ago with Mgla and being simply floored by the sheer demonic majesty of the band. These Van records signees have always played by their own rules and their brand of super powerful and twisted black metal can't help but to fascinate the devout listener. Revelations of the Red Sword is simply the next step for these black metal visionaries and hints at their legacy and all that is to come.

This is a record that sounds simply massive and Svartidaudi know it. With Revelations of the Red Sword the group has really pushed over the edge, crafting bombastic epics that perfectly counterbalance the demonic vocals. The powerful synths that provide padding to the more stripped down histrionics seem to find a perfect balance within the mix. This is a band who are capable of invoking old school black metal whilst pointing the way towards the future of the genre and reminding us of what is going to come next. Revelations of the Red Sword is an out and out journey towards black metal liberation.

With blasting drums and epic guitars crashing into tormented blasphemous screams, Svartidaudi continue to polish their formula on Revelations of the Red Sword. The infernal majesty of the mix gives you a chance to appreciate both the breadth of the album as well as the sheer sense of misery behind it. Yet this band is driven by so much, summoning an almost old school swagger and pulsing along towards moments of shining brilliance. This is a dark murk that we can't easily escape, so take a deep breath and dive on in.

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