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Friday, November 16, 2018

Antiverse - Under The Regolith

I remember first being shown Under The Regolith by the head of Tridroid Records and immediately being blown away bt the band incisive mix of riff salad, tight songwriting and straight up chunky bottom end. The crushing sense of forward motion that you get in these tracks and the overarching power of the record as a whole is impressive and speaks to the enduring power of death metal. With constant forward momentum and chock to the brim with cool ideas, Antiverse is a group at the height of their musical capabilities.

The word that keeps coming to mind as I dig deeper into Under The Regolith is 'masterful'. While this album certainly is bragging, it's definitely careening out of your speakers with a certain sense of swagger. While the band usually sticks to their tried and true brand of galloping tech death, some tracks are not afraid to embrace more 'rock and roll' elements whilst others seem to bore down entirely on the extreme side of the band. Through it all, nothing about Under the Regolith feels chaotic or unplanned. Instead this record is like watching an alien swarm coming down to earth and tearing us apart.

Frenzied at times, but somehow still always tightly controlled this is a release that makes sense from the get but also isn't afraid to expand its sound. The punchy riffage and angular assault make for exciting listening and the deeper we delve down the rabbit hole the more clear it becomes that Under The Regolith is a true death metal masterpiece. This is a band who don't need to play by the rules because they have too many good ideas, and if you disagree, they'll just choke you out with one kickass solo after another.

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