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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christopher Bowes And His Plate Of Beans - S/T

Christopher Bowes is one of those incredibly creative and different people who can't help but to craft really weird and silly music. He's the kind of gut who seems to always have like eight different projects going on. He has always had weird stuff happening on his bandcamp between his work with Alestorm ad Gloryhammer. That being said this might be the weirdest one that he has to offer. In the words of my roommate, "Did he make an entire album about beans?" and the answer is yes, yes he did. And it is glorious.

Christopher Bowes And His Plate Of Beans introduces us to a very different sound from Chris and his merry men. This particular offering focuses more on electropunk, a sort of synth beatcore with crunchy guitars and a powerful synth assault. There is something strangely mesmerizing about this record, perhaps just because of how weird it is or simply the fact that you have to wonder 'How much more can this guy sing about beans?" The thing is that, though this is clearly a bit, the songs are also really fucking good, even in the moments where they are painted to be intentionally awkward or demented.

This is silly and over the top electronic music for people who want to hear about how a tracks titular character replaced his tooth with a tin can. This is a record that was never meant to be taken seriously, revels in its own ridiculous and shows that Chris Bowes remains an incredible creative force, a truly talented songwriter who can get catchy hooks out of any genre or lyrical topic. So yes, this is silly and kind of corny but if you can't fall in love with a record that is that ridiculous or well done then how are you not going to fall in love with the mind melting sonic assault of Christopher Bowes And His Plate Of Beans.

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