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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Primitive Man/Hell - Split

When rumor first spread of this split, a cut between two legendary bands, bands who are making massive waves in this scene, people thought that it was almost too good to be true, that no one could possibly be able to craft something as powerful and overarchingly devastating. The mere thought was met with a hearty chorus of 'Fuck yeah's' - as good a metric as any in 2018. Primitive Man and Hell have joined forces on a record that is almost guaranteed to go down as legendary, a truly twisted blast from another realm.

Primitive Man kick off their side of the split with something that is distinctly primitive man, heavy as all get out, punishing and yet somehow, weirdly, precisely to the point. The band completely get to what they are all about and speak to a sort of twisted reality that we all must face every day. Primitive Man, unsurprisingly retain their crown as the heaviest sounding band in the world. Meanwhile Hell sort of create a bit of an atavistic record here, an album that, by their own admission looks back to their debut album, emphasizing the surging bass guitar and pumping forward with a sort of nihilistic determination.

A rumbling testament to two of the heaviest bands in the word, this split borders on terrifying and ay very well be my favorite thing that Translation Loss Records has ever done. this is a monstrous release, a release that is going to fascinate and mesmerize, that is going to crush and keep you suffocated in a dark chamber. Primitive Man and Hell are a match made in... well... hell and I'm curious to see what any further collaborations between these two titans of the bottom end might yield.

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