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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sarah Longfield - Disparity

Having risen to the fame on the strength of a strangely addictive series of internet guitar videos, Sarah Longfield is a guitarist and musician for the 21st century. A woman who not just understands the importance of having a rich content strategy, but also who writes some really powerful music, her new record Disparity is a real treat, a masterful take on guitar centric art prog with haunting vocals and piano-inspired tapping. Her take on shred is distinct and thrilling, allowing for her unique sound to thrive on its own.

What I dig about this record is that while it certainly a guitar virtuoso record and one that does not deny itself the glory of some truly magical playing it also does not fall into the tropes of modern prog. While a lot of the prettiness is there, her approach is fairly distinct and she doesn't rely on tired ideas or 'djent' in order to differentiate herself. Instead this is a record that, while unafraid to touch on elements of heaviness, is not beholden to it and which uses the quiet poetry of the genre to ensure that, while your face might be melted off by Sarah's talent, he's doing it without being obnoxious or over the top, but merely that fucking good.

I've been pretty far removed from the prog world for a few years now, largely because I was tired of a fairly strict idea of what was 'good' or 'interesting'. I got bored of it. Yet here Sarah Longfield with her piano-inspired approach and truly thrilling tapping technique has been able to unleash something that will ring forth across the ages as a true stunner, an album that ebbs and flows, lives and breathes and hints at all sort of cool musical ideas for her work to take as she moves forward and continues to impress us mere mortals.

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