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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Horndal - Remains

Horndal is a helluva band, their distinctly Swedish take on hardcore is thrilling and weird, with touches of sludge and Swedish death metal coming into the pummeling assault. A whole bunch of raw nerves and caroming sonic blasphemy this is a band who continually impress, who jump from peak to peak and prove time and time again that they are among the visionary elite in their genre. While there is nothing here that will immediately flatten you, it's the overwhelming surge of this record that keeps you fascinated.

In a lot of extreme metal these days we don't see a lot of dynamics. Things kind of flow forward fairly evenly. They feel monochromatic and ineffective. What differentiates Horndal is that they are able to write songs that, while clearly hardcore, or at least hardcore derived, have no problem borrowing from a bevy of other sources and routinely prove that these guys are among the best of the best, unique visionaries with a clear idea of where there sound is going and a deep knowledge of exactly how to take it there. This is a record that encourages you to get lost in its voluminous folds and seems to only expand from there.

This is a fun record, you can feel it shake, rattle and rolling you on a journey of pure sonic triumph. Horndal eschew a lot of common genre tropes and narratives and instead push their own thing on Remains but it remains sufficiently within extreme music tropes that instead of feeling alienating it seems like an obvious next step. Full to the brim with nervous energy, it's hard not to fall in love with the infectious grooves of the band. They are breathing new life into hardcore and speak of the shape of punk to come.

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