Chuck Schuldiner Project

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Mo'ynoq - Dreaming In A Dead Language

This is a truly terrifying and potent record, one that transcends sonic limitations and seems to speak to a higher breed of black metal. Mo'ynoq have crafted something on Dreaming In A Dead Language that goes above and beyond many of the common genre tropes and manages to cultivate something otherworldly and truly powerful. This is a record that goes well above and beyond what one might expect of the black metal genre, and while it borrows from throughout that sound, its actually the diversity of styles of black metal represented that make it so fascinating. there is a real breadth to the approach here that is impossible to deny.

Dreaming In A Dead Language is thrilling to me because of its sort of sheer musical exuberance. It's an album that has impressive breadth but which also speaks to a sort of demon within all of us. The band is clearly deeply in love with all facets of black metal and they have refined something that sounds like a profound distillation rather than a dull hodgepodge. They bring in exciting and fresh elements, easily dancing from showcasing the influences of everyone from Immortal to Nachtmystium by way of Wolves In The Throne Room. This is a simply massive sounding record and you need to admire it for that alone.

While this is still definitely a debut ululation, with a few flaws in the performances and production here and there, it is also a huge step forward for the four piece. I think that if they continue to build on these ideas they are on track for something truly great. This is a band wit ha lot of talent to showcase and as they continue to hone the sound that they have wrought on Dremaing In A Dead Language we start to get a sense that Mo'ynoq maybe among those who take the next triumphant steps.

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