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Monday, January 21, 2019

Overt Enemy - Inception

Man, there's something completely undeniable about the power of Slayer's influence and the way that they have conjured up so many sick bands. Such is the case with Overt Enemy whose latest offering Inception is some truly fantastic Slayer worship, hard hitting, brash and just a tad over the top. with crazed solos and blasting rhythms the band shows a deep understanding of the Bay Area masters but aren't afraid to mix in a variety of other sounds in order to make for something hugely compelling and deeply engaging.

There is something strangely fun about this band and their profound understanding of what it takes to grow within the underground. The music here wears its influences on its sleeve and it continually seems to push towards new heights. It's hard not to fall in love with the balls out assault of some of these tracks and Inception's ability to paint the soundscape of apocalypse continually impresses. The guitar work in particular here is very well done and shows the appropriate amount of Kerry King worship whilst tempering it with several other sounds. While the overall execution here is still not quite where it needs to be, when Overt Enemy is good, they are really fucking good, simple as that.

What I think really gets me about Inception is that it shows us a band who are able to find the perfect balance between radical Slayer worship and not being simply a sad imitation. While they are still cultivating the aspects that are truly their own, Slayer is a fucking hard band to emulate correctly, which means that you need to respect anyone who can get even close. Yet when those screaming drums kick in on Political Cancer you know all you need to - this band is the real deal and their growth will only become more impressive with time.

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