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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snake Tongue - No Escape No Excuse

In your face and abrasive, Snake Tongue are the sort of metallic hardcore band who there is no ignoring. Though there new EP is only four songs long it's full of desperate emotion and searing sonic assaults. The chaotic madness driving these tracks is strangely addictive and the maddening stomp of these anthems speaks to what the band has so rapidly become. Out now with The Sign, No Escape No Excuse sees Snake Tongue pushing their uniquely devastating assault to the brink of sanity.

Most metallic hardcore seems to fall into Hatebreed worship, that is to say, hardcore riffs with guitar solos. I'm a big fan of this sound, but it does sometimes feel a bit dated. While Snake tongue certainly have a lot of ties into the hardcore scene with their overall approach they also do a great job of grinding forward on a variety of other levels. There are touches of post metal here and generally gorgeous soundscapes that actually speak to the sort of all consuming power of the band. They craft songs full of bombast and which can't help but to mesmerize the willing listener, so easily beaten into submission.

Utterly unforgiving, Snake Tongue paint harsh musical landscapes whilst occasionally hinting at the inherent beauty of this genre. While they clear dig from OG hardcore roots, it sometimes feels like the band owes more to Converge than anything else. Within that though there are endless layers and new permutations. For a mere four songs Snake Tongue are able to touch on a huge variety of ideas and fascinate the listener with some really cool takes. No Escape No Excuse is a really interesting listen and short enough that it's not a big chunk out of your day. Give it a shot and sink your teeth into a fucked up hardcore assault.

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