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Monday, March 4, 2019

Magic Circle - Departed Souls

Magic Circle are one of those bands who seem to eschew conventional marketing, pomp and all of that other shit. Instead the band lets their Sabbathian stomp speak for itself. With high quality songwriting and mesmerizing soundscapes, Magic Circle prove once more with this latest offering Departed Souls that they are among the best and brightest in the world of underground heavy rock. Unapologetic in their bleak overtures to the father of lies, this is heavy rock that can appeal to the masses.

The sheer talent involved in this band has always been the thing that's differentiated Magic Circle for me. They aren't pretenders attempting to showcase how 'special' and 'different' they are. Magic Circle know that they are fucking special and different. They have incredible chops all across the board, from their over the top vocal delivery to the glorious guitar tone. It makes sense that is this high quality all around would be one of 20 Buck Spins few entries into the world of hard rock. The way that the band has put this together and developed their sound is fascinating and on this third LP it feels like Magic Circle are better than ever.

Magic Circle is the rare band who the rules don't seem to apply too simply because they are that good. This is the sort of act who seem to trade in top notch riffage and mesmerizing sonic worlds. The thrilling Thin Lizzy style guitars go to war with Iommi-esque riffs, but it's all through a lens that is distinctly 2019. Magic Circle understand exactly what they are doing and their delivery is truly top notch. Impossible to ignore and always eager to delight, Departed Souls will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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