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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Pound - **

Pound is one of the most intensely interesting and incredibly talented bands that I have ever heard. When their self titled debut dropped in 2019 I knew the band was onto something special. Their forward thinking prog cum post hardcore approach, weirdo song names that are combinations of dots, dashes and x's, and their minimalist look all speak to an incredibly talented pair of dudes creating this stuff. These Silent Pendulum signees are punishingly heavy and incredibly aware of the aural destruction they are cultivating.

Though the band is decidedly avant garde they are also very very aware of the underground scene. Everything they do is run through a very clear punk and hardcore lens. The touches of d beat and grindcore that define the record are met with forward thinking rhythms and an approach that is at times terrifying. The breadth of the sound is crushing and it's hard to not feel almost scared when listening to **. Having gone over the top and beyond the edge of sanity with their debut, ** seems to bring the band even further from the rest of the world. Though there are touches of songs that sound like more traditional music, this is only a momentary respite before you get whisked back off into maddening hellscapes.

In brief - Pound may have some of the best songwriting in the world. The only band who is at all comparable in terms of crazed rhythms, frenetic drumming and balls out heaviness would be Bangladeafy. Experimental metal is a really weird thing to wrap your head around a lot of the time. Pound don't make it easy, but they DO make it extremely rewarding. This is an album I won't soon forget and which encourages the listener to come back time and time again in morbid fascination of a release that just won't quit.

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