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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Skullsmasher - Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery

Now this is a monster of a record. Fast, loud, devastating and over the top, Skullsmasher are one of a kind, unleashing truly punishing grindcore madness and forcing the listener to choke on the bitter pill of unreality. This is the sort of band that sounds like a pair of demons wrestling in a sack. It's the sound of the world coming down and it is fucking evil. Skullsmasher's latest offering Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery is exactly what it says on the tin and it's so much fun to dive into what they have delivered here.

Flying into the record literally kicking and screaming the fifteen minute run time of Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery never lets up the energy level and seems to only get more crazy with time. This is the sort of record that can't help but to fascinate and which sees the band consistently pushing to new heights. Skullsmasher mix a diverse set of influences seeming to primarily rely on the second wave of grindcore with touches of old school death metal in there serving to make this record the exact sort of twisted that this music needs to be. Blasting ferociously and unrelenting in its mayhem, this is a fascinating ode to violence.

There is something strangely addictive about this record and the way it bursts through songs that average less than a minute. It's sort of the potato chip consumption thing, you can't eat just one. Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery is manic and over the top, full of crazed breakneck energy and devoted to grinding out the hatred one poser at a time. Chaotic and unpretentious, Skullsmasher understand exactly why so many of us picked up grindcore in the first place, the same reason they fell in love with it, its fast, brutal and fun.

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