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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Vesperine - Espérer Sombrer

Vesperine are a band who dive into a sort of neverending human struggle. Their new album Espérer Sombrer literally translates to 'Hope Sinks'. In fact, it gets darker, as the French word 'sombre' means dark. A possible double meaning? Given the bleak content of this record I certainly think so. Espérer Sombrer is a twisted testimony to the darkness of this music and the sort of immortal suffering we all must trudge through in this life. Inspired by the likes of Amenra and Cult of Luna, Vesperine are French post hardcore for the ages.

It's fun to get lost in the massive sonic waves of absolution that make up Vesperine's music. These are odes to the human condition and the way that we all must trudge forward, no matter what the consequence. There is something utterly mesmerizing and immaculately put together about Espérer Sombrer, and while it doesn't quite reach the transcendent levels of some of their influences, they are clearly turned on to something deeper. Vesperine is majestic and powerful, the sort of heavy music we can't quite escape.

As the soundworld comes crashing down around you on a track like Mille Couleurs I think that it becomes increasingly clear that Vesperine are ready to take the plunge and get a little bit deeper. They are a band full of potential, full of hope and with a clear drive to go further. Their aesthetic is wonderfully put together, and there is so much to pick apart here. Listening to the band as they continue to expand is going to be a rare treat. Espérer Sombrer is twisted and grim, a trip into a darker side of the human psyche, a trip that you won't regret taking.

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