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Monday, April 1, 2019

Handful of Hate - Adversus

There is something about Italian black metal that makes it especially blasphemous and delectable. The maddening oppression that roars out of Handful of Hate is something else entirely though. Their latest offering, Adversus shows that this band, after nearly thirty years of existence is starting to reach bold new height.s A truly twisted and next level act, their seventh record is a stunning return to form after six years of relative silence. A band who continue to drive forward and go for the throat, Adversus shows the band is on some next level shit.

There is a sense of bombast brought here that serves to make Adversus especially compelling. They perfectly encapsulate a lot of the trends of the second wave of black metal and their execution is flawless. They fit nicely into the same vibe as their peers in groups like Dark Funeral and Enthroned. Some of the more twisted touches remind me of acts like Marduk too. There is a blasphemous majesty to what's happening here and it comes with the sort of swagger that only arrives after decades of grinding it out amongst the trvest of the trve. This is underground black metal for the true devotee, the freak, and I love it.

Tightly controlled but ready to inspire any listener, Adversus is the sort of record that captures the spirit of black metal. Willfully adverserial and consistently pushing to spew more bile it's a powerful album. While it does nod slightly to the artsier fringes of the second wave of black metal, this is very much a black metallers black metal record. Even the guitar solos on tracks like Toward The Fallen Ones (Psalms To Discontinuity) speak to the old school metal obsessed nature of a band who seem destined to melt your face off.

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