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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jaz Coleman/Deflore - Party In The Chaos

Every once in a while a musical god reaches down amongst us commoners and elevates the entire dialog around a band. Such has Jaz Coleman done with Deflore and their collaborative EP Party In The Chaos. At the end of the day, this is a record that builds not only on Jaz Coleman's already formidable musical legacy but which directs attention to a band who have been toiling in the underground for a long while. It's a collaboration that makes sense, that beings the strengths of both artists to the fore and fascinates the listener with its grandiose and bombastic sense of swagger.

The harsh industrial elements of these tracks is counterbalanced by profound beauty. The balance of dark and light is delicious and speaks to how well these guys worked together. Sure there are moments that sound like they could be off a Killing Joke record - but isn't that high praise? Meanwhile, I find the second track, the instrumental, 'Sunset In The West,' to be just as moving. It has a clear sense of forward motion and seems to almost endlessly fascinate the listener as you take it on all sorts of twists and turns. So while yes the centerpiece of this record is no doubt the single, Party In The Chaos, Jaz and Deflore have put together something that very much stands on its own, no matter what angle you seek to take on it.

Wonderfully weird and unafraid of its own inherent madness, Party In The Chaos is a masterful release. It is a deep listen and one that encourages the listener to just delve deep into all that they have to offer. The bands trademark stomp and the weird sense of momentum that keeps you engaged only gets better the further you delve. So yeah, Deflore got asked to work with their hero and they completely stepped up to the task. They have unleashed something here that is exciting and powerful. It's a testament to all that this osrt of heavy music can be and leaves the listener excited not just to go spin more kiling joke but also to delve into what Deflore have crafted over the years.

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