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Monday, June 3, 2019

Yellow Eyes - Rare Field Ceiling

Yellow Eyes are among the masters of modern USBM. This is a band who craft otherworldly soundscapes, their penchant for stirring up hell prone to drag the listener down with them. There is a sort of demonic madness to the band, belying their New York roots. This latest offering, Rare Field Ceiling is the bands fifth full length. It's a grandiose and bombastic sonic statement consistently driving the group to new heights. This is very much a growth on the band previous work and it's still clear that they have more potential to embrace.

What gets me with Yellow Eyes is how much of an immersive experience listening to their records can be. These tracks each take you on a journey. Yet all of this is part of the larger quest that makes up Rare Field Ceiling. It's rare to find a band who have this level of sheer audacity and are able to fuse it into such a deep overall vision. Rare Field Ceiling is a record that continually encourages the listener to go yet another level deeper. I've always loved black metal records that push for multiple spins, and this one certainly qualifies. Yellow Eyes don't necessarily beat you over the head with complexity, but when you invest time into it it more than pays off.

Modern black metal is in a weird place oftentimes torn between different ideas of what black metal should and can be. Yellow Eyes navigate these pitfalls with aplomb. Their music is multifaceted and frequently fascinating. It's the sound of some truly devout black metal musicians crafting strange sounds for the end of the world. So yes, a track like Light Delusion Curtain might be hard for you to get through - but that's sort of how it goes. Rare Field Ceiling is an absolutely monster of a record and if you're ready for some truly intense aural suffering you should dig the fuck in.

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