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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Devourment - Obscene Majesty

Obscene Majesty was easily one of my most anticipated records of 2019. Devourment are unquestionably gods of slam, and every time they unleash another collection of bile it's something of an event in the world of extreme music. This is one of the most wonderfully blasphemous records I have heard in a good long while and the dedication to gore, madness and all manner of insanity makes Obscene Majesty not just a fascinating listen, but the kind of record you want to go back too and revel in, inch by bloody inch.

There is some serious insanity going on with Devourment here. The appeal is similar to that of early Carcass. I don't understand what 'Narcissistic Paraphilia' is but it soudns fucking cool when Devourment write music about it. The devilish might of a track like 'Truculent Apathy' shows the band at their finest, conjuring brutal slam riffs that can turn on a dime. So yes there music remains mired in Suffocation worship, but that's kind of the point. There is something truly fucked up about the bands approach on Obscene Majesty and it makes for a listening experience that sets it apart from many peers.

A clear step ahead of 2013's already masterful Conceived In Sewage this record simply remains proof that Devourment are still among the best to ever do it. Sure there are no real surprises here but I don't listen to Devourment because I want to be surprised, I listen to Devourment because I want to hear a guy from Texas sing about torturing people with nails. It's not complicated. So yes - this record isn't going to go up there as a 'thought provoking statement.' Instead it's ten tracks of brutality that will turn you into a fucking meat crayon. You got a problem with that?

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