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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Drag Them Down - S/T

John Jarvis of Agoraphobic Nosebleed is one of the most busy men in metal. Outside of playing in a handful of insane bands, including Scour with Phil Anselmo, he also has his own booking and management agency, the creatively named Jarvis Booking and Management. The point being - it's pretty astounding to me that someone that busy with so many projects would be able to then churn out a badass grindcore record as he has with Drag Them Down, the debut from his project of the same name.

This record is a wonderful mix of ideas. There are moments that are crushingly heavy, like the intro to Graves and there are other passages that are simply fun, like Devilhead. All the tracks are pretty darn short with the handful that clear the two minute mark being much more the exception than the rule. Drag Them Down is a masterful offering showcasing a deep understanding of grindcore. Its easy to get swept up in the grooves presented here and the more time you spend picking the record apart the more you are enamored with it. Though a lot of the material here is fairly stripped down, Drag Them Down definitely rewards multiple listens.

The point being - Jarvis and co have done a hell of a job here on a debut that hopefully hints at a lot more to come. This is a band who clearly understand the modern grind aesthetic and deliver something straightforward and powerful without a lot of frills. If you want grind that will melt your face, kick off mosh pits and generally crush posers then this is the record for you. With a sound broad enough that it allows for the band to grow (Just look at the Neurosis inspired elements on Co-Ed) but a sufficiently clear vision to make Drag Them Down vicious enough to love, Drag Them Down knock it out of the park.

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