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Friday, July 26, 2019

Ereb Altor - Jartecken

Ereb Altor are one of a kind. In fact it's kind of embarrassing that I forget just how good they are. This is a band who took the promise of viking metal and act as direct heirs to Bathory. I am genuinely convinced that Jartecken is exactly the sort of music Quorthon would be making had he continued into 2019. It's hard not to be enamored with the work of Ereb Altor if you love traditional viking metal, and the more time that I spend with Ereb Altor the more that I have once more fallen deeply in love with this band.

What's stunning about Jartecken other than the depth of the composition is that its the bands ninth release since 2008. Many lesser bands would have shuddered at this sort of output, but for Ereb Altor it's just par for the course. The execution throughout Jartecken is flawless - it continually hints at bold new levels for the band to take and promises a wonderfully twisted tomorrow. This is the sort of record that spits in the face of the party viking bands of yesteryear and instead embraces the bombastic majesty of true viking metal. It's rare to find a record that so perfectly understands a genre, but here we are. 

There's everything on this record from ancient chants worthy of Wardruna to epic heavy metal heroics. Jartecken drives from front to back with transcendent riffage and intricate songwriting. this is the sort of recor that takes you on a journey and which you can't put down. If you don't want to listen to Jartecken from front to back within thirty seconds of putting this record on then  there is something wrong with you. Again - it really feels like these guys are heirs to Bathory and I can't help but admire their prowess.

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