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Monday, July 15, 2019

Here Lies Man - No Ground To Walk Upon

Here Lies Man are a truly interesting band in a saturated scene. Rather than committing to so many of the fundamentally boring and flawed tropes of their peers in the heavy rock genre, this is a band who bill themselves as 'If Black Sabbath played Afrobeat.' There really is no better description for what the band is about though. No Ground To Walk Upon is seven tracks of gorgeously produced stoner rock by way of afrobeat and I can't help but to love it. Critical darlings, Here Lies Man have brought it up a whole new level with this latest offering.

There is a lot to get wrapped up in with Here Lies Man. Their approach to the genre is thoughtful and clearly premeditated. The mix of sounds here is wonderfully construed, and the bands overarching approach remains thoughtful throughout. No Ground To Walk Upon builds upon the world music magic of its predecessor You Will Know Nothing. The band is turning the genre on its head and shocking the world. In particular the drumming is stunning, it should be no surprise that skinsmith Geoff Mann is the son of jazz legend Herbie Mann. It speaks to the insane level of raw talent on display here.

Stoner rock is, for me, frequently a genre that feels hard to love because of its insane dedication to impossible fantasies and same-ness. No Ground To Walk Upon is a step up on all heavy rock to have come in the last decade. It's a growth on the genre in a direct that no one could have expected and really only pushes from there. The more time I spend with this record the more I am fascinated by it. With everything from burly riffs to Yes inspired keyboard interludes this is not a band you are going to forget.

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