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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mylingar - Döda Själar

Blackened death metal from Sweden with bloodlust on the mind? Sign me up! Mylingar are preparing to unleash Döda Själar their third release since 2016 and it is a scorcher. This is a record that preys on all that makes humans uncomfortable and tormented. Döda Själar is a routinely twisted record, an album that seems to continually scrape new depths and go for the throat even as you careen from song to song. A group with a passion for the heavy and demented chaos of truly oppressive death metal, Mylingar have done it again.

Döda Själar is impressive simply because of how intimidating the balls out sonic assault is here. Mylingar routinely crack skulls with Döda Själar just because of their ability to drag you to hell. While yes, this is certainly a record that focuses on intensity, it's also an album that seems to have a deeper psychological effect. The blasphemous gargling of a track like 'Nedstigningen' only goes to show just how bleak Mylingar can get. Döda Själar shines because of its dedication to conjuring up a very specific underground metal vibe. They drag you into a bleak reality of the sort from which there is rarely any real escape.

So yes, 20 Buck Spin have knocked it out of the park with this release, and yes, Mylingar are not a band for someone new to the genre. However for those of us looking for some of the most extreme and claustrophobic music released in recent years, then Döda Själar is certainly the record for you. Mylingar have grown in leaps and bounds, even from last years impressive full length, Döda drömmar. The more time I spend with this band the more impressed I am -and I have a feeling if you are trve, then it will be for you too.

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