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Monday, July 22, 2019

Wesenwille - I: Wesenwille

Dutch black metal seems to really be having a moment right now. The entire spectrum of the genre is represented too with bands embracing both the symphonic metal of Carach Angren to the avant garde post black metal magic of Laster. Wesenwille are another welcome addition to the pack with their hard hitting sound and modern take on the genre.With a clear lyrical direction and an ability to paint some truly potent soundscapes this duo has rapidly made an impression on me and hinted at much more to come.

Inspired by the concepts of Ferdinand Tönnies’ work Gemeinschaft & Gesellschaft, which essentially embrace the notion of how humans protect each other in small societies but act selfishly in big ones, I: Wesenwille is a bit more thoughtful than your average black metal release. Rather than just stopping at 'the world sucks and religion is evil' as many of their peers do, I: Wesenwille sees the band embrace scathing deconstructions. With avant garde touches worthy of Altar of Plagues decorating these tracks and pushing these heartfelt messages ever forward it becomes hard to deny the bands staying power. 

I: Wesenwille is one of the more impressive debuts to rage out of the Dutch black metal scene in a hot minute. The way they spit bile and then counterbalance with potent and darkly arpeggiated passages continually speaks to what Wesenwille are about. There is a clear direction with the songwriting here and the more time that I spend with I: Wesenwille the more that it gives to me sonically and emotionally. With touches of punk inveigling upon stately black metal, there is much more to Wesenwille than initially meets the eye.

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