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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lifecurse - The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga

I don't cover a lot of metalcore on this site. Every once in a while though a friend slides something onto my desk that is worth me spending the time with. Such is the case with The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga, the latest from Lifecurse. This is a potent metalcore record, full of At The Gates worship and top tier songwriting. There is a very high level of execution throughout this record and it makes for compelling listening. The down and dirty madness that Lifecurse bring to the table is interesting, especially when paired with how finely polished the album is.

I think what gets me about this record is the sheer intensity that they bring to the table. The opening track The Wolf You Feed is an energetic metalcore banger. The breakdown hits hard and early and speaks to the strength of the bands riffs. I love the hyper melodic guitar lines laying on top of everything and nicely enhancing the overall atmosphere here. All in all - if you are a fan of heavy music in any form there is quite a bit to enjoy in the punchy rhythms and angular guitar attack of The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga. It may be a bit tropey, but those tropes are there for a reason and Lifecurse have the chops to pull it off.

At the end of the day - I don't think I realized I like metalcore this much. But I do. It's been a long time since I've dug into any bands in the genre, and it's kind of cool to hear a record that is good enough that it makes me want to dig back in. I think a lot of young metalheads of my generation wrote metalcore off in foolish youthful anger. Here now I realize that I was wrong to do so. THis is one of the most impressively executed records I have heard in a good long while with powerfullyrics and fun riffs. What's not to love?

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