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Thursday, December 5, 2019

(0) - S/T

(0) is a truly nifty band. Having built a bleak and melancholy sound out of harsh black metal instrumentation, there debut full length is another jewel in Napalm Records' crown. The transcendent fury that the band outline here is fascinating. It is counterbalanced of course by somber soundscapes that prove time and time again just how good (0) really are. Their self titled debut album is a moving release, a record that seems to continually ebb and flow, pointing at all the unique directions the band are ready to unfold.

There is a certain bombast that defines this record. The opening notes of '(1138)' make this very clear. Simultaneously though, as the epic and moody atmospheres of '(1212)' the album closer. You guessed right by the way - the track '(1138)' is 11 minutes 38 seconds long and the track '(1212)' is 12 minutes 12 seconds. All for of songs on this album conform to this naming convention. It helps add to the bizarro mystery that these Danes bring to the table. It makes the record all the more compelling, driven forward by its fatalistic album art and stellar production, (0) is the sort of record you think about well after the needle has been lifted.

As far as moody and thoughtful black metal goes, you could stand to do a lot worse than (0). What the band have done here is interesting and certainly will drive them towards another record. Having nicely built on their 2017 EP with this debut full length it seems clear that the band is on the path to do great things. With each song they eem to further hone their craft. While there are not a ton of differentiating sonic factors yet, if you want well thought out modern black metal, then this is the album for you.

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