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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Cult of Erinyes - Æstivation

Cult Of Erinyes have been around for a decade now and really started to make a splash in the European scene in the past few years. Their massive black metal sounds are ominous and brooding. The transcendent fury of their latest offering Æstivation is a masterful look at the state of modern black metal. Apocalyptic and enraged, Cult Of Erinyes routinely go above and beyond here. There furious assault is tormented and bleak, the product of four full lengths and countless intermingled splits and EP's.

Æstivation fascinates because of the transcendent magic that it so eagerly brings to the table. This isn't necessarily a record that goes too far above and beyond, but it is a record that doubles down on what works. With Æstivation Cult Of Erinyes routinely prove that they are the best in the world at crafting apocalyptic and face melting black metal. They unveil bleak sonic landscapes here and with every track  they push forward their message of despair. The torment found within this album is palpable. It is a key part to what makes this such a compelling listen, a record that demands the listener come back.

In Greek mythology, the Erinyes were the Furies, they would punish men for crimes against the natural order. Æstivation is the sound of that ungodly punishment being rained down. By spitting bile, hatred and black metal insanity, Cult Of Erinyes have pieced together something great. The demonic conjurations of Æstivation at times terrify, but this is what makes them so compelling. The cry of 'I Am Death!' on the closing track Nihil Sacrum Est says it all - this is a beautifully twisted band and one I won't soon forget.

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