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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Officium Triste - The Death Of Gaia

Don't you hate it when you've put together your album of the year list nice and pretty and then some banger comes through that you can't possibly ignore? That's how I feel about the new Officium Triste which drops December 13th. The Death Of Gaia is one of my favorite death doom albums of the year and I only just discovered it. A record that is full of emotional depth, transcendent visions and glorious triumphs, this is a record that you can't help but to get lost in. The execution is truly top notch and it acts as stunning reflection on the human condition.

There is a certain masterful approach behind The Death Of Gaia that makes it infinitely relistenable. I think what gets me about it is the grousp ability to perfectly balance dungeon basement ideas with much more grandiose approaches. While on the one hand there is a clear dedication to the underground here, on the other, tracks like 'Losing Ground' showcase the groups unique ability to craft grandiose death doom soundscapes. The vision here is overpowering and the way that Officium Triste routinely plumb emotional depths is stunning. It takes the band to a bold new level and routinely fascinates.

To call this record a triumph would be an understatement. The Death Of Gaia is easily the best album of the bands career. This record is transcendent and visionary. The band has a unique and clear approach hear that sets them far apart from the pack. This is a one of a kind record that will elevate the dialog around the band. They may have taken 25 years to get to their sixth album but by god was it more than worth it. Rarely do you find a band with this sheer level of execution and vision, it's a distinct thing that will doom the world. 

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