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Monday, January 27, 2020

Psalm Zero - Sparta

This is a nifty one. Psalm Zero are one of those magical New York projects that seem to revel in the sheer 'New York-ness' of it all. While the band may not explicitly talk about the city, their unique blend of influences and clear artistic vision is the sort of thing only the Big Apple can craft. The fact that this band is fronted by Charlie Looker and backed up by two members of Kayo Dot should give you a sense of what is included within this record. It's a unique exploration of the soul, very personal, and very replayable.

Sparta is an art metal record through and through. It has dark pop elements, industrial touches and guitar riffs focused on doom. It makes for a compelling record that showcases the breadth of Charlie Looker's work as an artist. There is a depth to the songwriting that makes for compelling stuff. Interestingly enough though, the band here is focused much more on the prettier aspects of their music, much more than many of their previous releases. The lush production really allows the band to shine and makes for something you can sink your teeth into and get lost in. Sparta is a fascinating listen because of all this and more.

Psalm Zero really understand the emotional power that dark heavy music can have. As lush synths splay out across the listeners ear and stately song structures wend their way into your heart, Psalm Zero repeatedly prove that they are a one of a kind force dedicated to capturing the hearts of the gathered masses. There is a lot to dig into here and Sparta almost certainly demands multiple listens, but if you give it the time, it will pay off and leave the listener in a gentle sort of awe. Not overwhelming, but simply poetic, this is a fascinating listen.

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