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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tethra - Empire Of The Void

There has been so much great death doom lately. It's good to see a submission to the crowded field coming in from my old friends at Black Lion Records, one of the more interesting labels in Europes sprawling underground. Empire Of The Void is a masterful offering from Tethra, with titanic melodies and thoughtfully executed songs that entrance the listener. Though this record bleeds over fifty minutes it is absolutely worth spending the time with as we dig ever deeper into the gorgeous production and top notch execution.

Empire Of The Void impresses with the sheer emotional depth that it brings to the table. There is a simple poetry to what the band is doing here that is elegant and exciting. Tethra seem to routinely impress the listener both with gorgeous soundscapes and moments of obscene brutality. A particular highlight of the record is their STUNNING cover of the David Bowie classic 'Space Oddity'. At first you don't quite realize what it is - but when it clicks it's an absolutely monster of a song and one that I will treasure for years to come. The simple poetry of the execution is addictive though and speaks to Tethra's overarching talent.

the band have really outdone themselves here with an impressive record that I think any devotee of the death doom genre will find something to love about. This is a record that routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty and is deeply enamored with its melodic guitar work. Soaring and poetic, Empire Of The Void makes for interesting listen, the sort of thing that you are going to come back too time and time again simply because there is so much within it to unpack. After all - who doesn't want some of that in their lives?

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