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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Dzö-nga - Thunder In The Mountains

Dzö-nga have been making waves since the 2016 release of Five Treasures Of Snow. Now with their third full length, Thunder In The Mountains the band are coming on strong with some of their most potent compositions to date. This record is beautifully produced and wonderfully interwoven. The overarching theme, based on the HW Longfellow poem, The Song Of Hiawatha is fascinating and continually is referenced back too. It makes for the bands most impressive release to date and one you can really get lost in.

One of the things that really gets me about this record is that though this is very much atmospheric black metal, Thunder In The Mountains has a place for guitar heroics. The soaring solo of 'The Song Of Hiawatha' seemingly belies the inner power metal kid in the guitarist. The top notch production routinely impresses and guarantees this is a release you can get lost in. The way that the record dances between musical colors only adds to the bombast. It means that Thunder In The Mountains is not only a guaranteed thriller but also one that will routinely showcase every magical flavor that Dzö-nga has to offer.

I love the way the band brings so much to the table, but if we're being honest it can sometimes feel like drinking from a fire hose. Still - if you're into melodic and oftentimes folky black metal then this is going to be a record that you routinely come back too. A perhaps overambitious project, there is clearly a boatload of talent behind what Dzö-nga are doing and it certainly merits multiple listens. Thunder In The Mountains is one of the most all-encompassing black metal records I've heard in a while and it's guaranteed to draw you into a mystical land.

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