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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Malleus - Storm Of Witchcraft

It's interesting to me in a scene that is so often rear facing and obsessed with the past that we rarely get a genuinely great first wave of black metal type band - and then Malleus came along. Their latest offering, Storm Of Witchcraft sits nicely alongside the early works of groups like Celtic Frost and Bathory. It's primitive, monochromatic and wonderfully fucking heavy. When it comes down to it what more could you want from a record that seeks to reflect the beautiful madness of this demented scene?

Storm Of Witchcraft captures the imagination with its proto-black metal grooves and lo fi production. This aesthetic choice makes the record all the more compelling as you find yourself rollicking with the band from peak to demonic peak. There is no groundbreaking new idea here, instead just a band who clearly understand what they love and how to deliver it to their fans. Storm Of Witchcraft is a balls to the wall sonic assault, reveling in its own demonic glory and repeatedly reminding the listener why we fell in love with this music in the first place. It's wonderful to hear a band so ensconced in this twisted aesthetic.

Tracks like 'Blackened Skies' with their Tom G Warrior inspired 'Oogh's' and crushing grooves help to solidify Storm Of Witchcraft's place as a top notch first wave of black metal record. While yes it's clear that the band is using nearly forty years of hindsight to cherry pick some of the best ideas from the genre, this distillation of the sound is authentic and powerful, a testament to all that has made this type of music compelling for so many years. Over the top and gloriously evil, Malleus go straight for the throat.

Listen on Bandcamp!


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