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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Abysmal Dawn - Phylogenesis

It's been six long years since we last had a record from Abysmal Dawn, a group who burst onto the tech death scene and left us all in awe. It's good to have the masters of the genre back, unleashing pure sonic fury once more thouhg. The sheer madness of their new record, Phylogenesis borders on the intimidating. The ridiculous scope of the band is thrilling and leaves me constantly eager for more from the death metallers. Their approach here is matured and exciting, a clear step forward for the metal masters.

For even the casual tech death fan like me it's easy to get lost in what Abysmal Dawn have on display here. After all this is a record that relishes in having multiple layers, it revels in the murk and continually stuns with the flashy playing. For those of us enamored with the underground, this groups dedication to the tropes of the genre is delicious. Especially when you consider just how perfect their execution on these tropes is. The blasting drums on a track like 'Soul-Sick Nation' are delightful. They demonstrate a stunning depth of knowledge about tech death songwriting and leave me ready to dive into the pit for the first time in years.

Phylogenesis is a tech death masterpiece - an early nominee for technical death metal album of the year if nothing else. The band has found a way to continually improve upon past offerings, and now, after a six year wait the group has cranked out what is probably the best album of their career. With delicious grooves and solos that will leave you scraping your jaw off of the floor it seems obvious that Phylogenesis has what it takes to impress from the first. A one of a kind band who have put out a one of a kind album - what more could you want?

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