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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Candlemass - The Pendulum

Candlemass made headlines with their Grammy-nominated 2019 offering, The Door To Doom which captured the imagination of doom fans around the world. Not only did the record see the return of the bands legendary frontman, Johan Langquist but the Grammy-nominated track, 'Astorolus - The Greact Octopus' also featured the legendary Tony Iommi. Many considered the record to be one of the bands best offerings in decades, and if nothing else, it made a whole mess of year end lists. This makes an EP of out takes from the record all the more interesting.

While most of the material on The Pendulum is not as strong as that on The Door To Doom it's still a whole lot of fun. Tracks like 'Snakes Of Goliath' with its Sabbathian swing are a fitting reminder that Candlemass are one of a kind. The raw energy they bring to the table and the sense of fun that dominates this EP is a good reminder that Candlemass are, and always shall be one of the best in the game. It's easy to get lost in this record, and weighing in at a mere 18 minutes it is also infinitely replayable, a bit sized slab of doom that is going to stay firmly lodged in doom lovers rotations for months.

The Pendulum is a masterful offering and one that will capture the imaginations of the true. While yes there are a few questionable moments (I'm looking at you, bridge of 'Aftershock'!) having more Candlemass in the world is never a bad thing. While this isn't necessarily the record that is going to win the band a legion of fans, for the devotee this is a fitting offering and one that certainly merits spending some time with it. The Pendulum is a fun bonus offering and one I definitely see myself coming back too when in the mood for trad doom.

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