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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Death On Fire - Ghost Songs

Do you ever hear a band you're friends with really pull it together into something excellent? That's how I feel about Death On Fire with their new record Ghost Songs. With this record the band has been able to bring together their unique pallet of influences ranging from thrash and death metal to jazz and classical into something that is intense, cohesive and a hell of a good time. The hard moshing intensity of a track like the eponymous track, 'Ghost Songs' only goes to show just how much the band has grown.

One of the things that really gets me about Ghost Songs is the quality of the production. While it's certainly pro, there is just enough of a DIY edge to keep it raw and dangerous. This is a record that clearly was honed on stage with flashy moments that get the heart pumping. It's a record that is a blast to listen too because it never seems to let up. The sheer intensity brought here is delicious. Even the slowed down moments show a level of musical skill and thoughtfulness that hasn't really been as present elsewhere in Death On Fire's discography. Suddenly they have pieced together something truly exciting and wonderfully potent.

While yes Death On Fire do occasionally fall into some tropes and at other times the songs don't quite come together, by and large, Ghost Songs is a hell of a listen. It comes at you in a storm of notes and then leaps from peak to peak. The angular playing that defines this record helps to reflect its intensity and drives me ever closer to the weird magic of what they have pieced together and where they could go next. A delectable listen to be sure, I am more excited than ever about what the future of this band holds.

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