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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Green Carnation - Leaves Of Yesteryear

Few bands in the underground have the legacy of Green Carnation. The band shaped the scene with some truly fascinating prog metal between 2000 and 2006. Most notably their 2001 epic, "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" really spurred the band to worldwide notoriety. Now they are back with a truly fascinating offering in Leaves Of Yesteryear, which has been their first new release in 14 years. Featuring both a re-recording and a Black Sabbath cover this album is just as much a retrospective as it is a look to the future.

The biggest takeaway of course though is that Green Carnation are still as talented as ever. The new songs are bombastic and powerful. Album opener, 'Leaves Of Yesteryear' proves this, while simultaneously showing the group is very much aware of their legacy and building with that in mind. As a general rule the production, courtesy of Endre Kirkesola (Abbath, Solefald) is excellent, the record is perfectly mixed and the many layers come together nicely. Leaves Of Yesteryear is in some ways a step forward for the band even as they show a clear appreciation and understanding of what came before.

As a whole the journey this record takes is epic, sandwiching the re-recording of 'My Dark Reflections Of Life And Death' between amazing originals and seeing us out with a mournful cover of Sabbath's 'Solitude'. This makes for a transcendent listening experience that has me coming back to Leaves Of Yesteryear time and time again. Once more Green Carnation have proven that not only do they have a profound understanding of prog metal, but they are also among the best at executing within the genre.

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