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Monday, April 20, 2020

Violent Hammer - Riders Of The Wasteland

Man - the Finnish blackened death metal underground is a wonderful wasteland. The country has constantly churned out some of the most wonderfully abrasive and twisted black metal that I have ever heard. Riders Of The Wasteland roars out from this scene with its own brand of Beherit flavored insanity. The ultra raw assault comes courtesy of Violent Hammer who in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers have managed to piece together a truly masterful offering that can't help but to capture the imagination.

There is a certain swaggering stomp to this record that makes it endlessly appealing. The opening salvo that is 'Death Squad' is sort of a perfect taste of what's to come from this maddening offering. Violent Hammer drag you into the muck with them, worshiping the void and lapping up the blood of their enemies. The band careen forward with a hectic energy, a sense of death metal devastation, and hardly a thought for things like 'noise gates' or 'compression'. Instead what you get is a raw and unapologetic record that goes screaming straight for the throat - a reminder that the underground is forever.

Riders Of The Wasteland is a fun one. It's hectic, high energy and unapologetic in its willingness to go for the throat. The band here is presented at their finest, demented and twisted as that may be. For those of us bred on this stuff it's classic, an essential offering that is going to remain fresh long after the flesh has rotted. Violent Hammer bludgeon their way to triumph here and the more time that I spend with this record the more I feel my psyche decaying. How long can YOU last in this frozen water burial?

Listen on Bandcamp!


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