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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Exhumed/Gruesome - Twisted Horror

Have you ever wanted maximum Matt Harvey on a single split? Well now you've got it. This is one of the most fun splits I've heard in a minute, fusing the indignant rage of Exhumed with the blatant Chuck Schuldiner worship of Gruesome. It's a joyful celebration of all things death metal and stuns the listener with gleeful melodicism, crushing riffs and a sense that, even through all of this quarantine madness we are going to be able to find bliss in the heaviest music on earth. What's not to love?

Exhumed kick off the split and they are thrilling. It feels like now that Sebastian Phillips has been in the band for a few years his personal flair is starting to shine through with some Noisem-esque riffs polluting their way through the madness. It's wonderful. After all - who doesn't want three fucking intense death metal tracks beating them over the head? As for the Gruesome side of things the band remains as thrilling as ever. Channeling serious Leprosy and Spiritual Healing era Death vibes here they conjure up twisted burning wreckage and leave listeners writhing through the murk of death metal absolution.

There is a strange and bizarre magic to this split, it's a boatload of fun and a frequent reminder of the unending magic of death metal. It's a death metal lovers death metal split. It's the sort of thing that probably shouldn't even exist, but here we are, triumphant and gleeful in the magic of what Exhumed and Gruesome have brought to the table with Twisted Horror. Death metal is about, among other things, celebrating our own morbid fascination with death, and these two bands know just how to deliver that.

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