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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Herxheim - Incised Arrival

Herxheim play blackened death metal in the grand old style .While there music is certainly a bit primitive it's also the type of thing that you can really find yourself falling in love with as you dig ever deeper into what the band has conjured up. This is a record that goes above and beyond the limitations of many of its peers but crafts something that is completely obsessed with some of the origins of extreme music. It makes for a compelling and slightly creepy record that has me coming back time and time again.

What makes Incised Arrival so delectable is its weird mix of spooky synths and crushing Celtic Frost style riffing. While there are moments that certainly feel a bit more aggressive like on 'Lesson Crescent' there is something to be said for the groups trademark stomp and sense of twisted agony that has come to define so much of what they do. There is something transcendent about a band who choose to go back in time with their music like this. Part of what makes this album compelling is that Herxheim is doing it with some distance, they are looking at the whole '86-'93 period and cherrypicking the best ideas to showcase.

This is an interesting record and while it doesn't break new ground, it certainly is going to be a worthwhile discover for those who love some of the origins of extreme metal. Gleefully primitive and bone crushingly heavy this is the band at their finest, with a clear vision for their future and a deep understanding of what they have always admired. Getting lost in this record is a boatload of fun and has me curious about the next steps from Herxheim. They are guardians of the underground resistance and will not let it fade away.

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