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Friday, May 15, 2020

The Funeral Orchestra - Negative Evocation Rites

This is the real underground. In the process of writing this review I have texted no less than five people just how damn good this album is and how they need to pre-order it. The Funeral Orchestra have existed at the fringes of the underground for years now, and 2020 was set to be their big return to the forefront with their first album and live shows in seventeen years. While the live shows may have been cancelled, Negative Evocation Rites is a goddamn masterclass in underground music that has captured my imagination.

There is something completely entrancing about Negative Evocation Rites. The absolutely massive guitar tone and relentless buzzing is thrilling. On top of this the blackened vocals are twisted, evoking dark morasses of underground violation. The songs writhe in the murk, inviting you down to their twisted corner of Tartarus. There is something incredibly thrilling about spending time with a band who so eagerly embrace the dark. The Funeral Orchestra have gone well above and beyond here to make a record that wallows in its own filth and then continually drives the band to brave new levels of devastation.

It's refreshing to hear a funeral doom record that isn't trying to sound pretty. It's exhilarating to really inject yourself into the rubble of past lives that The Funeral Orchestra have so carefully decimated. This is a record that chokes out the listener, forces you to embrace their inner sense of evil and reminds you time and time again, there are none so vile, none others who can dive to quite the same depths and force the same level of grasping at straws, searching for sanity and hoping that it all ends. This record fucking kills.

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