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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tav - I

This is a nifty one. Van Records has always been able to pull the diamond from the rough, to expose the world to exciting new music and remind us all why they have earned their place as a premier tastemaker label. This latest offering I the debut album from Munich's Tav is another such stunner. This is a record that fascinates the listener with endless layers, drawing you into the magic and reminding you again and again that this is a band who are one of a kind, a visionary for a wonderfully dark and ambient new future.

There's a lot to unpack with this record and the distinct approach of Tav is fascinating. The way they craft sounds on I is intricate. It's the sort of record that works equally well as background music as it continues to give the listener reason to spin it again and again. As you navigate this record you'll find yourself plumbing bathyopelagic depths, but also soaring on the wings of angels. Tav have found a way to fuse several fascinating ideas to make for a compelling and engaging record. Though they never get to intense, you instead find yourself reveling in gorgeous waves of sound, drowning in the simple poetry of what they have conjured up.

Tav are a fascinating band, and a band who I know I'm going to keep coming back too. The quasi anthemic magic of a track like album closer 'Cinder' is too good to just leave by the wayside. There is something strangely comforting about Tav and the way that they conjure up bold sounds time and time again. This is a deep and exciting listen. An offering that will carry the listener to dynamic new heights and serves to remind us that I is only the first step on a thrilling journey of patience and perseverance.

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