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Friday, July 24, 2020

Decoherence - Unitarity

Now this is a nifty one - potent industrial black metal coming out via Sentient Ruin - one of my favorite labels today. Decoherence is of course one of the labels flagship acts, and watching them take their next steps to greatness on Unitarity is thrilling. Few bands are bale to conjure up these sort of terrifying hallucinogenic soundscapes and guide the listener into the twisted burning wreckage of sonic madness that Decoherence are. This is the sort of industrial black metal that is guaranteed to claw at your sanity.

Unitarity thrills with its dynamic approach and twisted song structures. While there are moments that could be described as ambient black metal, the majority of it seems more focused on just letting you wallow in the murk. The writhing madness of these tracks is palatable. the touches of dissonance that come in and color some of the most interesting elements also are able to help ensure that Unitarity has a sound that is wholly its own. Decoherence have clearly been hard at work, and their hectic release schedule seems to only make them better at what they do. Now I find myeslf slipping into long form sons and staring deep into the void.

There are a lot of layers to unpack within Decoherence. The way that the band unveils their distinct assault time and time again is thrilling. What they've managed to do here is raft an approach that is a wonderful extension on so many pasts experiments in the genre. With this second full length, Decoherence have started to really distill their sound into something epic. Alienating and cripplingly twisted, Unitarity is a thriller from top to bottom. It's a record that leaves listeners in awe and thrilled for the next steps.

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