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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Fermentor - Continuance

Usually when you think of instrumental metal you think of the bold melodies of Russian Circles or the technical ecstasy of Animals As Leaders. Every now and then you find an instrumental metal band who go a more atmospheric route. What I have not found a lot of though is instrumental death thrash. Music that very much ties into some of the core ideas of the genre but simply doesn't have vocals and instead embraces some atypical song structures. It makes for an interesting approach that can't help but to fascinate.

Continuance has a lot of layers to it - even though the band performing are merely a two piece. These tracks have a very visceral intensity. Songs like 'Stage V' are accentuated by the hectic clatter of the drums and a sense that the entire thing could fall apart at any moment, despite being tight as hell. This is a record that will dazzle the dedicated listener. It doesn't seek to beat you over the head with flashy frills, but instead relies on tight songwriting and angular riffs. While nothing will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor, instead what you'll find is that Fermentor have done a great job of simply crafting something that strips back so many unnecessary layers but remains fun.

With a couple references to the cult classic, "Peep Show" tossed in for good measure, Continuance remains an exciting and dynamic record. The band has really found a way here to make us fall in love with the simply artistry of their work, to embrace the sublime poetry of metal with nothing to conceal what it is or is not. Fermentor make a point of stripping metal down to the bolts and it makes for a very fun instrumental album. There's a lot to sink your teeth into here because Fermentor have given us metals beating heart on a plate.

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