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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Messiah - Fracmont

Now this is an interesting one. I always love reviewing bands who are coming back with their first new material in 25 years, the way Messiah are. This is a group whose unique brand of blackened thrash turned heads as early as 1984 on the legendary Chainsaw Murder Records. Now the band is on High Roller and unleashing some top tier heaviness that is going to leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. Messiah are one of a kind and their newest offering Fracmont is an absolute monster of an album.

The band does an amazing job here of fusing modern bombast with more straight thrash and old school black metal ideas. The title track for instance definitely captures the magic of the early blackened thrash scene with its heavier than thou riffs and blasting drums. Meanwhile, the band isn't afraid to embrace the dramatic. Touches like closing out the album with strains of Ave Maria might seem a little corny, but in the context of Fracmont they make a surprising amount of sense. So while yes, the band could certainly have trimmed that fat a bit on this record they also do a great job of stunning the listener with new twists and turns.

High Roller has definitely unearthed a special one here. The band has brought together such a rich multitude of ideas that you can't help but to smile at what has been delivered. Messiah have not only gone above and beyond they have found a way to bring their legacy into the 21st century in a way few of their peers ever will. Messiah have done it, executed at an impressive level and leave us curious for more. Fracmont may not be album of the year material, but it does prove the old dogs can learn some new tricks.

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