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Monday, August 17, 2020

Khar Sulde - The Black Banners of Cosmic War

Now here's a fascinating offering. Khar Sulde have opted to release their debut LP on the truly great Crown and Throne Ltd. This lo fi black metal masterwork is a blast to listen too - a masterful offering that will capture the listeners imagination and which tends to consistently push above and beyond. though yes this recording is very lo fi - unexpectedly so in fact, The Black Banners Of Cosmic War is also kind of a fuckin' blast and it's far too much fun to spend some time with all that the band have conjured up here. this is a masterful record and one that plays nicely into the grandest tropes of black metal fury. What more could a guy expect from the madness? 

Much of what Khar Sulde do sticks to the standard tropes of second wave black metal. the influence of the old gods, bands like Mayhem, Darkthone and even Immortal is very clear here. The goal was obviously not to create something grandiose and genre changing. Instead we are left with some straightforward blasting black metal. The shrieked vocals are twisted, the guitar riffs laser fast and the drums unrelenting. If you like old school black metal then this is going to be for you. If you're looking for something a bit more nuanced then you will be no doubt alienated by what Khar Sulde have done here. It's really that simple. 

This is an offering that delves into the depth of humanities atrocities. The Black Banners Of Cosmic War forces you to choke on the bitter pill of unreality and realize that only death is real. As they navigate twisted worlds, memories of humanities darkest moments, Khar Sulde explore unholy depth to unholy depth. As they plumb the torment of humanity they become ever more fascinating. IT is difficult to draw yourself away from this depracity and the more time you spend embracing the kvlt, the more clear it becomes. This is true black metal madness. 

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