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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Night Cobra - In Praise Of Shadow



Now this is a really fun one. The growth in trad metal in recent years has really been a blast to witness. The rise of Night Cobra is one such exemplar of this fun new trend in the scene. The hard hitting playing and raw energy that they deliver on their four song debut EP, In Praise Of The Shadow helps to show that these guys are determined to be much more than also-rans but a veritable force of their own in the mean streets of the heavy metal underground. There is a very real magic to what they are doing on this record and to lose yourself in their chaotic ministrations is a rare treat. 

You see, Night Demon have really done a wonderful job of crafting tracks that while tight and to the point allow the imagination to run free. They put out music that is exciting to experience, that is fun and that proves the band is delivering on a high level. They remind me of bands like Night Demon or Holy Grail in their 80s worship and seem poised to elevate this dialog so much further. Night Cobra execute on precise true metal madness. They gleefully deliver intense 80s metal that will have your fist pumping as you sing along. In Praise Of Shadow might not break a whole lot of new ground but it is certainly a blast to listen too. 

So yeah - this is a record that is going remain fun for repeat listens which deals in tight true metal riffs and exciting sonic vistas. Sings here aren't necessarily the freshest idea but the execution is ambitious with epic vocals and right playing resonating throughout in order to ensure bold successes and exciting steps forward for a band who seem determined to take the world on by storm and elevate themselves to a higher level even in the face of endless Coronavirus madness. It may take a vaccine - but these Texas true metallers are coming for you!

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