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Friday, October 9, 2020

Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron

Eternal Champion rapidly became scene darlings after the release of 2016's The Armor Of Ire. Now the band are back with Ravening Iron. Once more they are releasing with underground favorites No Remorse Records. While the album initially drew a lot of attention because of its... chesty... album art, the band have proven that they aren't just coasting by on the aesthetic. The bands approach to true metal is potent and exciting. They show a clear understanding of the genre, and their music captures the imagination.

As you delve into this record with its big choruses, huge vocals and soaring melodies, it's hard not to be enamored with their overall approach. This is a band who have eagerly, and excellently managed to piece together a record that fascinates the listener and continually points towards a bolder future for the band. The songs here are a huge step up and delve into a variety of ideas and timbres, whilst staying true to the Eternal Champion aesthetic. This is the sound of a band who have been tried hard on festival stages and come back better for it. Ravening Iron is a masterful offering that will keep listeners deeply engaged. The band has captured all the elements that make this genre great but been able to put their own delicious twist on them.

When you dig into the world of Ravening Iron you are uncovering a universe of circles and rings, dragons and kings. They build on Dio's promise to create a fantasy novel in a song. These are tracks that, while yes a bit silly, understand that true metal righteousness does not come upon the weak. It's hard not to be pumped up listening to the rock and roll magic of the band. They invoke all the old gods here and bring you deeper into the depths of what true metal can be. So grab a copy and turn it up - it's what Dio would have wanted!

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