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Monday, November 23, 2020

Edoma - Immemorial Existence


I have always loved black metal that brought the swagger. I've admired it when the genre comes through embracing some of the darker realities and leaning into the simple torment of what black metal is at its absolute finest. It's a delight to sink your teeth into a band who really reflect on the bitter magic of the genre and drag you by the hair into the pit. This is exactly what Edoma seek to do on their brand new record, Immemorial Existence and it is a straight up rager! It's black metal executed with the pomp and drama that made the genre great all those years ago. 

Edoma really understand this distinctly unique thing of the rock and roll aspect of black metal. Yes there are solemn moments and moments that touch on the transcendent, but they also have tracks like 'Labyrinth Of Torment' which feature high powered guitar solos and some surprisingly melodic ideas. The execution of a track like 'Last Hours' speaks to the bombast of the band. The music is overpowering and heavy. While the vocals may sit a little too high in the mix, in some ways that really just adds to the sort of death metal dungeon magic of the band. Immemorial Existence is a thriller for the pure tormented energy it brings time and time again. 

This is a record you can get lost in, that embraces the blizzarding magic of frostbitten black metal fury and which continually drives towards tormented futures. There is a real sense of poetry to this record that makes it a delight to spend time with. Edoma may not be bringing too many new ideas into the genre, but they are a goddamn delight to listen too and one gets the sense that this could be the beginning of a muhc larger journey that sees them dominating European festival stages alongside bands like Gorgoroth and Emperor - their musical ancestors they pay tribute too so well. 

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