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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Starcrazy - Played For Suckers

Young rock and rollers who have the support of Alice Cooper and play hard rock of the 70s and 80s? Yeah I'm in. The Australian boys in Starcrazy are some wild rockers whose debut EP is, after a weak intro, 20 minutes of rock and roll fun. This is a band who really understand the beating heart of rock and roll and execute in a truly impressive way. There are no bland stoner riffs or corny odes to times forgot here. Starcrazy's debut Played For Suckers is just focused on tight riffs and angular playing ensuring every track is a balls out rock and roll blast!

First and foremost I think one needs to understand just how good frontman Marcus Fraser is. His voice is absolutely massive. The rest of the band is certainly good, but it's Fraser's golden pipes that really lift things up. That being said the production on this record is goddamn fabulous. The bands brand of rock and roll has some gorgeous frills and tight playing that allows for a distinct and gorgeous multi layered approach. While there are certainly more than a few tropes brought to the fore, they execute on them well. They have a clear sense of fun throughout and one gets a sense of just how genuine that Starcrazy really are about what they are doing. 

Played For Suckers is a fun and potent EP that showcases a band with a boatload of talent. While I have yet to have that 'holy shit' moment with the band I can practically taste it. They are so close to pushing things over the top and it's going to be such a delight when the band reach the next level that they are so close to achieving. This is what rock and roll was meant to be about - young guys doing their best to drive over the top and capture the imagination. Are you ready to dive into the magic with these freaked out rockers? I certainly am. 

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