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Sunday, November 8, 2020

To Dust - Nightmare Cycles

In a hyper politicized era of perpetual stress and anxiety, its weirdly reassuring to have bands who reflect on our problems in a manner that wouldn't have felt out of place in the late 80s. I'm talking of course about political grindcore. Nightmare Cycles, the new EP from To Dust is a perfect example of the form building on the influence of bands like Napalm Death, Nasum and Rotten Sound. There music is over the top, brutal and just a bit terrifying. This is what grind was meant to be about and the madness within is absolutely delectable. 

It's easy to get lost in the ominous crush of Nightmare Cycles. It sees the band at their finest delivering throat ripping screeds against a system that has failed. The angular riffing on a track like 'Dystopian Gaze' is absolutely delectable. Toss in manic moments of early Napalm Death-esque chaotic riffing and you start to have yourself a band who stand above and beyond their peers. They understand the pure madness of this music and its capacity to open minds and act as a vehicle for protest. Yes things are stripped down and terrifying, but ultimately that's a big part of the appeal, the might and magic of what Nightmare Cycles bring to the table. 

To Dust are capable of crafting some truly potent aggression. Nightmare Cycles sees the band going straight for the throat and beating us over the head with riff after riff. It's political grindcore that, while certainly drawing an influence from more classic bands, feels distinctly modern. It's refreshing to hear something so wonderfully brutarian and eager to dive into the pit and crush the enemy over the head. Nightmare Cycles is an offering that simply won't stop cracking skulls, at least not until we find a solution to our troubled world. 

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